Excess Liability Insurance Experts
We offer specialty brokerage services for difficult to place risks in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and transportation. We can
usually find clear markets up to the last minute. The tougher the risk the better!
Our casualty business specializing in Umbrella Liability coverage draws from experiences built over the last 35+ years since the company's
founder Stephen Hambsch first began his career specializing in high risk catastrophic casualty coverage.
New World Casualty & Consulting is a casualty wholesale brokerage company uniquely positioned to service specialty brokerage needs of
independent retail brokers.
Advanced submission technologies, thoughtful claims analysis, and superior risk presentation initiatives undertaken by Elizabeth Bruggeman,
New World's Vice President of Operations, mean your business is easy to underwrite.
We analyze carrier rating models with underwriters who are our loyal friends, who make it their business to support our clients. In addition to
to providing appropriate and marketable pricing we can expalin to you how quoted premiums are derived. Our team is particularly good with
difficult loss history scenarios.
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Need a Railroad Liability Insurance Source?
We are Great American's exclusive wholesale brokerage for railroad protective liability and small railroad contractor umbrellas through our
subsidiary, Railroad Insurance Services. A one-stop shopping facility for everything railroad insurance.
Stephen Hambsch
CEO & Founder
Elizabeth Bruggeman
VP of Operations
Coverage for Manufacturers
New World Markets want your "Rust Belt" business including:
Medical Products Manufacturers, Toy Manufacturers, and Drug & Nutritional Products accounts don't rust, but they are targeted classes for
our markets.
Our statistical analysis will eat up your tough loss scenarios, produce appropriate and marketable insurance solutions for your toughest
Minimum Premium: $50,000
Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers
Auto Products Manufacturers
Lawn Mower Products
Tank & Valve Manufacturers
Coverage for Construction
New World Casualty & Consulting's operating companies have provided unique insurance andrisk management solutions to many of the
nations largest real estate owners, developers, construction managers, and specialty contractors.
We do Wrap Ups all day long!
Tough Classes: including bridge and blasting
New York based General Contractors: If your standard markets snap it up - don't call us.
Coverage for General Liability
The marketplace for risks involving OL+T exposures changes frequently as carrier historical results are established and develop.
Self Insured Retention programs are available in the Specialty Insurance marketplace for insureds who are willing to assume their frequency
If your insured can accept coverages on the following basis...Send It In!
Non Admitted Paper
Self Insured Retention equal to two-times historical per claim average or limiting XS claims activity to only a few losses each year
Self Insured Retention Aggregate (if offered) plus Premium may be greater than total guaranteed cost alternatives (if offered)
Coverage for Builders Risk
Builders Risk coverages have provided significant opportunities for New World Ventures operating companies to round out our specialty
coverage services for contracting businesses and real estate owners.
Our underwriters bring the most value to our clients on longer projects and portfolios.
We have demonstrated a unique ability to support portfolio placements providing coverage for secured or anticipated projects declared at
policy inception through their completion.
Our specialty coastal markets can support your clients that live near the beach.
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Casualty Wholesale Brokerage
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Real Estate
It's a brave new world...
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